Como – Brunate – Faro Voltiano

Our itinerary starts from the church of Sant’Agostino and immediately ahead on the right you take a stone road that will lead you to cut a couple of hairpin bends to take you directly on the mule track that leads to Brunate and from there to the Faro Voltiano.

The initial ascent is not very long, but it is demanding, so we suggest you to face it with calm and moderation.

The beauty of the ascent immediately fast is the view that awaits us already after a few meters, with Lake Como that you begin to glimpse from another perspective.

When the going gets tougher you will know it by the presence of the steps that will help you climb, but at the same time can pack up your legs if you climb too hard. Be as steady as possible as the climb is still long.

Once you pass the first hard stretch the path will continue for a while in the woods until you reach a clearing where you will find a bench and a crazy view of the lake.

After here you will arrive at the first houses that will lead you to the center of the village proper. From here enjoy the villas that you find along the way because they are a unique heritage of the place and it is worth stopping to admire them.

From the center of the village to the lighthouse are 32′ from the sign and the road is all paved or cobblestone.

And also along this street the villas are not lacking.

After the last stretch on cobblestones you will come out in the center of Cao and there on the left the last stairs to the Faro Voltiano. The Faro Voltiano is a gift from Como to the genius of its citizen Alessandro Volta, 100 years after his death. The Lighthouse, octagonal in shape, is a 29 meter high tower that dominates the valley below. At night, the lighthouse illuminates Como and the valley with beams of white, red and green light.

The view, as always ugly, stuff do not stay there dry! You come to judge in such clear days!

For the return journey take the same route as the outward journey and if you feel like it (you must also have legs), the road continues towards the mountains immersing in the real Larian Triangle.

Another stop, another destination, our tour ends at the Lighthouse today.

Pathology: asphalt, dirt and mountain trail

Water: In the village at Brunate or up in the piazza before the Lighthouse, at one of the local bars. No fountains on the way up

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