Gromo – Valle Sedornia

Gromo, in Val Seriana, is one of the villages inserted in the classification of the most beautiful in Italy.

676 mt s.l.m., about 1200 as its inhabitants and the year in which its castle, the Ginami Castle, was built.

The castle was built as a fortress and as a protection for the silver mine, its dominant position was sheltered to the east by the escarpment on the Serio river, to the west by the hollow which was connected to the territory through a drawbridge, and which was demolished as imposed by the Venetian domination, while all around it was surrounded by walls. The Buccelleni family, originally from Bergamo, was one of the first families not only to extract and work the metal to make sword blades, but also to commercialize it, so much so that in the fourteenth century the family will be the master not only of the castle that will have expanded, but of the buildings that rose around it, the church of San Gregorio, and the Palazzo Milesi.

To keep the castle company there are many villas in Art Nouveau style

and the Gamanderio tower.

But today we will not stop only in Gromo but we will take you to discover a valley parallel to the Seriana Valley, the Sedornia Valley. We approach the valley just before arriving at Spiazzi di Gromo (which was actually our first hypothesis for today’s destination, but the bad weather makes us give up).

Leaving the car in the first houses you enter immediately into the woods in a very wide and comfortable path, easily passable on foot or by bike.

This is where our “Forest Therapy” begins. Forest Therapy, is a Japanese practice called Shinrin-yoku. It means “to benefit from the atmosphere of the forest” or “bathing in the forest”. It is basically a true immersion in the green with the goal of enjoying the benefits of nature to feel better.

Well yesterday the sensations were just that, until after about an hour of quiet walk we reached the real entrance of the valley, with wide meadows, a stream with crystal clear water and snow-capped mountains in the background to fill the postcard of today.

A little further on you can continue until some lakes in the valley, but today because of some avalanches along the road (accomplice a very heavy winter) make us desist.

Lake Spigorel can wait, but we are sure that it will not be a farewell, but only a goodbye …

Trail Type: dirt road

Water: at the start where we left the car you will find a fountain, then you will have only the stream to keep you company

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