Anello Riserva del Monte Cofano

To start with this excursion it is necessary to go to Cornino, a small town in the province of Trapani, just after the famous and renowned Zingaro Reserve. The Reserve of Mount Cofano has nothing to envy compared to that of the Zingaro and has the advantage of not having a large amount of tourists because it is a bit wilder.

Once arrived in Cornino you can park (for a fee) along the main street, or going up a little bit on the right in the secondary streets you can also find parking for free. We recommend to go towards Via Tagliamento, here are the Google references:,+91015+Cornino+TP/@38.0957395,12.666223,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x13197aff59c68385:0xc5ffcb7d1bbbdf30!8m2!3d38.0957374!4d12.66732

The start of the hike is located down by the sea and is easily recognized by the signs.

Caution: when we went there, they told us that some parts of the path were uneven and that they didn’t want to risk anyone getting hurt, but they would turn a blind eye if they knew you were experienced enough not to run into problems along the way, which didn’t present any particular technical or logistical problems. However, we would like to point this out. The whole tour can be done comfortably by following the dirt path that allows you to pass near incredible views of the beaches with rocks that populate the reserve.

On the other side of the reserve you arrive at this old disused fort overlooking an incredible sea where a few bathers enjoy a few moments of paradise.

You can decide whether to lengthen the tour and then return from the state highway (which we do not recommend) or pass as we did through the pass that cuts the reserve in two and opens a view from above that stretches along the horizon.

The part towards the pass is very wild, but the trail is always well-trodden. When you get to the top the ground starts to become red and the landscape takes us almost out of Italy. Descending towards Cornino you arrive from the north from the street where we advised you to park (via Tagliamento); in this street you can change immediately and refresh yourself before enjoying a bit of crystal clear sea alone with whoever you want. Or even go to the beaches those most equipped just before.

Our advice is to take a walk to the reserve and stop there for a little ‘well-deserved rest, you will not disturb anyone except the noise of the waves breaking on the rocks.

Trail Type: dirt road

Water: you need to be self-sufficient

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