Saline della Laguna Marsala

Our itinerary today will take you to discover the salt pans of Marsala, one of the most natural of all Italy, still worked by hand by those who really put a lot of passion and sweat in a job not easy and easily underestimated.

There are two salt pans that you will encounter along our route, which differ in size. In our track that you will find below we will make the route to the larger one, but we will also bring you info about the smaller one that is really worth looking at.

The first smaller salt flat is really characteristic and you will find it always along the Contrada Spagnola.

If you are lucky, you will also be able to meet the person who manages the saltworks, Enrico Rodano, a nice “young boy” who can tell you about the typical day of a person who works in the saltworks. Don’t forget to visit the museum of salt, so dear to Enrico, where there are beautiful pictures with the slogan “from the Phoenicians … to our days … and not only salt“. Really nice and special.

Always on the Contrada Spagnola we are going to leave the car and continue towards the larger one.

Along the way you will find several parking lots that do not charge. We don’t give you more precise references because it depends on when you go there and how many km you want to drive along the reserve. We recommend to stay between 10 and 14 km maximum to avoid entering in the busiest areas.


After a couple of km you will find the fountain, the only one, along the reserve. Beware of the heat in the summertime where we suggest you to take with you a last of water.

When you start to see the salt marshes from afar, you will immediately realize the mills that populate the area.

The main mill “Mammacaura” you will find towards the end and is one of the most popular to go to. Along the way you will find many quaint little places where you can stop for a bite to eat and enjoy the peace and quiet of the salt marshes.

We also suggest you to stop until the sunset, you won’t regret it and why to go also to visit Marsala if you still have time.

Trail Type: asphalt

Water: there is a fountain in the first part and one just after half of the reserve

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10 D+
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