Una Perla poco sopra Trapani: Erice

Erice is a small village perched above Trapani. It is easily reached by car with a climb of about 13 km making the shortest possible tour. There is also the possibility to reach the village on foot, through a path that cuts straight up and in about 7 km with 700 meters of elevation gain leads to the goal. We suggest to leave the car in the parking lots along the outermost arch of the village (also because inside it is only pedestrian). Parking lots are on payment. The village can be easily walked around in about 3 km if you walk the whole way and it doesn’t present big difficulties, if not the possible summer heat. We assure you that in summer you are still very well up in Erice because it pulls almost always a nice breeze. Entering from the main entrance door you arrive immediately at the usual starting point of the tours to do in Erice, which is the Cathedral of the Assumption with its bell tower.

You can proceed in the direction you prefer depending on how many people you find along the way. There are basically three main streets that you can go back and forth to discover all the most characteristic places of the village.

Until you catch all the most panoramic points that face Trapani and the horizon.

Some places that we feel like suggesting are definitely the most scenic along the outermost make some incredible photos on the most beautiful days and then if you have a sweet tooth, stop at the historic Pastry Shop of Maria Grammatico. Truly excellent their products and above all have a long tradition behind them. We do not hide the fact that you may also find a bit of a queue. Here you can taste delicacies for every kind, even for those who are lactose intolerant. Some places should be experienced and not so much told.

Track Type: asphalt or tiled

Water: bring it for safety, but for such a short ride you don’t even need it

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