Valle del Vajolet

From Vigo di Fassa you can go up to the Vajolet Valley both from the ski slopes and also from the path that can be taken almost immediately on the right. Both have significant slopes and at times the path is more challenging because the climb goes uphill directly compared to the track that takes it wider. After about 3 km you arrive at the first ski lifts and from there you can easily take the path to the Gardeccia Refuge.

The path climbs a little more towards Rifugio Vajolet and the others. You can’t go wrong because the path is the same almost up to the top.

After Vajolet the path is no longer carriageable and becomes more mountainous and from there you begin to see more rock and the Vajolet Towers in addition to the other peaks of Catinaccio. Before the refuge Passo Principe you can also decide to turn towards the refuge Re Alberto (it is necessary to pass through a small ferrata part). The refuge Passo Principe offers an incredible view on the Vajolet Valley and on the Antermoia Pass that can lead to the homonymous refuge and lake.


Trail Type: dirt road

Water: it is necessary to equip oneself with one’s own reserve of water or buy it at the shelters

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