Vogogna Gulo

“Vogogna”, in the classification of the most beautiful villages in Italy, once a place of support for Ludovico il Moro. Vogogna and its castle have their origins in the far XI century, first with the Fortress, of which now we can only see the ruins in the upper part at about 300 meters above sea level on Mount Orsetto, in a position that allowed a complete view of the valley. In the first half of the 14th century Giovanni Visconti, Bishop of Novara and Lord of Milan, enlarged the castle as part of a more general plan to strengthen the defensive network of the Duchy, of which Vogogna was part.

Throughout the centuries, the castle was subjected to numerous attacks and renovations that partially modified its structure. During the medieval factional struggles, when Vogogna was the chief town of Ossola Inferiore. The castle was attacked in 1358-1360 by the domesi commanded by the Marquis of Monteferrato, then by invaders from beyond the Alps during the fifteenth century. In 1446 Filippo Maria Visconti granted the feud of Vogogna and Mergozzo to Vitaliano Borromeo. After many vicissitudes over the centuries, starting from 1990, restoration works began in the Castle and were completed in the first phase in 1998. In 2001, the interiors were opened to the public and are still used for exhibitions and receptions.

From the small Ossola village you can also leave for excursions along the Toce cycle path.

Following to the left towards Domodossola we continue towards our destination, Gulo.

The first part is not particularly beautiful because it passes through the most industrial part of the area, but once you arrive in Pieve Vergonte you can go back to breathe some pure air still immersed in the trees that run along a tributary of the Toce, the Anza stream. Once you reach the town of Piedimulera you can choose to take a ride towards the center of the village, even for a drink stop, and then climb towards Formarco and finally to Gulo. The road climbs well for several kilometers, always on asphalt unless you choose the direttissima path that cuts through the hairpin bends. Gulo is a nice pile of stone houses, fenced in by green chestnut trees, and entering the houses will give you the impression of being in a fairy tale.

The road back downhill on the other side, allows you to return directly to Pieve Vergonte to close a small ring.

Trail type: dirt, asphalt

Water: there are several fountains along the way

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