Corfino – Campaiana – Passo Scaloni

Corfino is a small village located in Garfagnana at about 800 meters above sea level. To reach it you need a lot of hairpin bends and a good dose of patience, but when you’ll see it up there in the distance you’ll understand why.

From here starts our itinerary to discover the nature that surrounds it, passing through Campaiana and continuing towards the Scaloni pass. We are staying directly in the village and we start from home, otherwise we suggest you to park in Viale Madonna, where you can usually find a place.

From the center of the village you can immediately see the first white and red tracks that announce the path. After a few minutes we arrive at the first junction, there are two paths, 56 and 58.

They both lead to Campaiana, but the 58 has greater inclines on a slightly more winding path. We proceed on the 56 to enjoy the tour more… anyway we all know that we will come down from 58 to close the ring and try that too!

The path begins to climb immediately in a decisive way, but then becomes flat for a long time going into the first part of the forest that we will find along the way.

About halfway through we will encounter the source of love. We’re not sure who named this source, but someone here must have been impressed … Cupid or no Cupid!

The trail continues through the forest until it comes out on a cemented mule track, a sign that the village is near.

From here we keep the right following the signs at the entrance of the village, passing through the only point of support for a stop, the Mushroom and proceed on a short stretch of asphalt.

As you can see, the forest almost always takes over.

After a couple of hairpin bends the path starts again in the woods on the right. You will find the indication of the path 58.

From now on, several kilometres await you, some of them very easy because of the almost total absence of difference in height, immersed in the forest of the immense park.

The more we walk through this forest, the more we realize how therapeutic it is. In some sections we almost feel like we can see some sort of fog from how thick this forest is.

As soon as the forest ends the landscape around us will change drastically becoming an endless expanse of meadow up to the more rocky peaks.

The peaks, with Scaloni Pass and Monte Vecchio, will frame the last part of the ascent. Pay attention that the last part, a bit exposed, is often prey to strong winds.

An amazing 360 degrees view is waiting for us from the Scaloni Pass, on the whole valley of Garfagnana.

On the way back we decide to go back along the same road of the outward journey until Campaiana and from there to take the path 58 to close the loop that we started and return to Corfino.

Trail Type: mountain trail

Water: at the Fountain of Love and then in Campaiana in the bar

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