Orino – Castello Cabiaglio

Starting from the center of Orino you are spoiled for choice on the next destination. We decide to browse also in the adjacent village, Castello Cabiaglio.

To get there you can choose the provincial road, where there are very few cars that pass and there are no particular problems, or the innermost path with a slightly higher elevation gain.

We proceed for the asphalt part. The characteristic of these roads is that they will almost always proceed in the shadows due to the massive (fortunately) presence of forests along both sides. During the hot periods we assure you that you will not feel the city heat in these places.

We proceed for about 4 km before reaching the village of Castello Cabiaglio, perched on the left of the road.

Driven by the usual curiosity that distinguishes us we infiltrate the alleys of the village, between a villa and a glimpse of the Campo dei Fiori.

Castello Cabiaglio, because of its location in the northern part of the Campo dei Fiori, is a sought-after destination especially in the summer both from mid-summer and long residence by tourists looking for a cool and pleasant place to spend Sunday. Tourism is therefore the main voice of the country’s economy.

It is not a particularly long excursion but allows with little to relax in the middle of countries where time seems to have stopped, but at the same time remains alive that air from small cozy village as it was certainly in the past centuries and this is demonstrated by the premises that we find along the streets of the center, that would follow us willingly. Perhaps this is the tourist air we have heard so much about.

Type of route: asphalt

Water: we point out several fountains in the center of Orino, but also in the same Castle Cabiaglio you will find one in the center of the village

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