Monte Tovo

From Oropa start many excursions and undoubtedly one of the most panoramic is the one that leads to Mount Tovo. Have you ever seen the Sanctuary of Oropa in miniature? Come with us and we will show you!

We park in one of the three parking lots along the road (we have marked them on the map below). We climb up to the parking lot of the cable car to Mucrone and proceed towards Trattoria Nocca.

Attention that just before the last hairpin turn to the Trattoria, you will find these indications.

From this point you will find a sign that will take you to Mount Tovo in 3h, but the path is very long and insidious if faced from here. We advise you to follow the paved road and continue along the proposed route. There will still be a hard climb on both sides, but for both duration and panorama, we suggest our ring version.

After the Trattoria you will find the path on the left to cut the last bend and start the real adventure in the park of Oropa.

After a first and short part on pebbles, the path continues on the right in solo respect to all other destinations. Do not be frightened, but you will have to follow the path with the orange dots along the way, called “Vertical Tovo”, a very steep path that leads in a few kilometers to the summit.

Just climb for about twenty minutes to find yourself in front of what will really be Oropa in miniature and on clear days you can see the entire province!

The climb does not spring of a cm up to the summit and in the final part with the last km becomes particularly challenging for the slope of the path. We point out some stretches where there is the rope to hold on, but you can rest assured that they only serve for the event that you always get off this road. Instead we will take you through a ring to descend from the opposite side, technically less steep and easier.

We continue on the same path D14 to the summit.

The 360º view of the Mucrone Valley offers an open-air map where you can plan all the next steps just looking at the paths that climb up the mountains in the distance.

Once at the top you need to pause for a moment because the time to take two panoramas will never be enough to admire all that we will have around.

From Biella to the Alps the view is breathtaking and we are sure that when it comes to you, you will also be able to see Monte Rosa, which today hides behind dense clouds.

For the return, as mentioned above, we decide to descend downstream from the opposite side to avoid a steep descent.

Have you ever seen a boulder exactly broken by a splinter of rock? We also had a laugh when we saw him.

As soon as you pass the huge erratic boulder, keep the path on the left and continue on the D32; we have to go down until we meet the path that leads to Rif. Rosazza.

From above you will easily see the path to reach, but even if it looks very close it will not be so easy to reach because the track is not clearly visible as some small landslides have partially interrupted it.

The important thing will always follow the white and red tracks! About halfway down we will find the fork that will lead us to cross directly that path, while continuing right also from this portion of rock you can get to Rosazza.

As you can see the track is very thin, but still visible.

Finally arrived on the main path we are now close to our destination and we proceed quickly. At the last junction you can choose whether to go left or right, like us, and proceed with the return in the direction of the cable car. So we will also have the opportunity to refresh a moment in the small stream that we will find immediately after.

From there on we will have no more than twenty minutes before we arrive at the parking lot for the return.

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