Monte Tovo

From Oropa many excursions start and undoubtedly one of the most panoramic is the one that leads to Mount Tovo. Have you ever seen the Sanctuary of Oropa in miniature? Come with us and we will show you!

San Barnaba

Pollone offers a lot to its citizens and to those who decide to visit it for a short holiday. San Barnaba is one of those places, suitable for young and old, with particular attention to the health and future of all of us.

Pollone – Alpetto Superiore

Towards the Alpetto Superiore from which on clear days you can see the flooded rice fields, the church of San Gaudenzio di Novara, the two cones of the abandoned nuclear power plant of Trino, the hill of Superga and the Monviso.

Fonte Gesiola and Rocca di Orino

Orino, starting point for many points of interest here in the Campo dei Fiori. Today we bring you to the discovery of its fortress of ancient origins, think dated around the third century b.c

Fairy Wood

Have you ever come out of a village and enter a fairy forest?!? No we are not in fairy tales but in the village of Orino

Orino – Castello Cabiaglio

Starting from the center of Orino you are spoiled for choice on the next destination. We decide to browse also in the adjacent village, Castello Cabiaglio


A few steps from Como, precisely in Albate, stands the park of Valbosca. A park where you can refresh yourself on hot summer days but also a place where you can gather for recreational activities in contact with nature

Forte di Canarbino

Trebiano, one of the villages that from the hills behind the Gulf of Poets, overlook the plain of Magra. Villages rich in history and alleys to explore; almost always closed to traffic offer an air of the past, almost as if the clock had stopped many years ago.

Tour of Fosdinovo

Fosdinovo is a small village in the province of Massa-Carrara that enjoys a privileged view of the Gulf of Poets.

Peia – Monte Sparavera

Peia is considered one of the 5 countries of the “Cinque Terre”! Yes, here too we have them, they are not only in Liguria. Together with Gandino, Leffe, Casnigo and Cazzano S. Andrea, make up the Bergamo “Cinque Terre”, places suspended between history and nature at the foot of the Orobie

Camellia village

The camellia village is simply the largest park in the world where a myriad of species of camellias of all kinds, colors, shapes and sizes are cultivated.

Gorge of Uriezzo

Starting from Premia in Val Formazza you can park at the pharmacy and take the path on the right that leads to the ravine.

Borgo of Batoni

Batoni, the village is presented to us in an almost magical silence, as if to tell us that someone has just left and that he deliberately left everything in its place

Borghetto di Borbera

Borghetto di Borbera is one of those pleasant discoveries that you make on a day when you are looking for new places and almost blindly decide that your next destination will be there, around the corner, after that indication

Pila – Becca di Nona

Pila and Becca di Nona, for a 360° view of the Aosta Valley.

Tour of Orta San Giulio

Orta San Giulio is a small village in the province of Novara that overlooks the lake of the same name. Often in the past this village has been a stop for many artists who have left an incredible artistic and cultural heritage.

Place Moulin – Prarayer

A route immersed in the green, starting by car from the city until you almost do not distinguish the blue between sky and lake at almost 2000 meters above sea level.

Monte Zeda

Monte Zeda is a mountain in the Ticinese Alps, located between Val Grande and Valle Cannobina and is part of the Val Grande National Park. To reach it you can leave by leaving your car in Colle at 1238 meters where you can easily find parking


Gerace is a medieval village rich in art and history, located in the Aspromonte Park in Calabria, counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Villages of Bard and Hône

The village of Bard – an authentic concentration of historical evidence in just over 3 square kilometers and for a population of about 160 inhabitants – is now considered one of the 20 most

Vernago Lake

The picturesque Vernago reservoir, which is fed by the Schnalstal river, is located in the heart of the Schnalstal valley, west of Merano.

Alpe Devero

A ring-route to discover all the harmony of environment and landscape of Devero.

Osimo and surroundings

Osimo is a charming town in the province of Ancona a stone’s throw from the Conero Reserve. Osimo is particularly famous for its large.

Tour Monopoli

Monopoli is a charming seaside town in the province of Bari. On the Apulian coast it is one of the most active ports in the entire region. In the Middle Ages Monopoli had expanded its boundaries up to where today Locorotondo and Alberobello rise, because of its strong growth due to the continuous crossroads of port travel with the East.

Arona – Stresa

Arona and Stresa are two of the most characteristic villages on Lake Maggiore, on the Piedmont shore. Arona is a municipality of about 14000 inhabitants and falls in the Natural Park of the Lagoni of Mercurago. It is also the largest port that overlooks Lake Maggiore.

Mount Bisbino

One of the peaks that dominates Lake Como and from its 1325 meters you can see the Italian and Swiss Alps in their majesty. Mount Bisbino has several access routes and the one from the south is the one we propose.

Forni Beach

The Conero Reserve is beautiful to walk around inland, looking at the coves from above, but just as beautiful when seen from the sea, with the cliffs that plunge into the sea at a precipice

The ring of the three shelters

Discovering new paths to explore and refuges to reach, we came across this loop tour in the Brescia area, starting from Val Malga, at the foot of Mount Adamello

Tour of Castiglione di Garfagnana

Castiglione di Garfagnana is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. As soon as we arrived there we understood why it was included in this prestigious classification

Corfino – Campaiana – Passo Scaloni

Corfino is a small village located in Garfagnana at about 800 meters above sea level. To reach it you need a lot of hairpin bends and a good dose of patience, but when you’ll see it up there in the distance you’ll understand why

Orecchiella – Passo Scaloni

The Orecchiella Park offers practically endless opportunities to set out and explore places, from mountains to lakes, from villages to cities

Laveno – Sasso del Ferro

Laveno, is a small town in the province of Varese that overlooks Lake Maggiore.

Leopardi’s tour

The “Tour of Leopardi”, so we ideally called a tour that would touch all (or almost) the focal points of the great poet’s life.

Panoramic route Orecchiella

One of the greenest and quietest places in Garfagnana is surely the Orecchiella Park Nature Reserve. For us it is one of the lungs of Italy because on this portion of territory 60% is covered by forest against 28% of the national average

Tour of Conero

The Conero reserve is located in the center of the Marche region just below Ancona covering almost the entire province.

Path of Expressions – Refuge Prabello

The Sentiero delle Espressioni (Expressions Path) is a path that starts from Posa di Schignano in Val D’Intelvi and arrives at the foot of Sasso Grondona, 10 minutes from Rifugio Prabello.

Refuge city of Busto Arsizio

Departure from Riale, as for the tour of the Lakes of Val Toggia, but this time we go to the lake of Morasco and continue in that direction.

Lakes in Val Toggia

Departure from Riale for this new tour in the nature. This time we stop in the high Formazza Valley. Riale is a hamlet of a few houses from where many excursions depart to go to high altitude.

Nature and Culture at Cherasco

Cherasco is a little more than 3 km from the Resort but the road is a provincial road not very suitable to our standards and therefore we have built a very special “figure of eight” tour, as you can see from the map.

Sant’Anna – La Morra

In the footsteps of the path number 4 of those present in the municipality of La Morra and surroundings, together with the Resort Limax Acis we propose another excursion that from the Resort will take you directly to the belvedere of La Morra, in the center of the village.

Tour delle Langhe

Our Tour of the Langhe starts from the Limax Acis Resort that has warmly welcomed us for this stop in the Langhe.

Poncione di Ganna

Ganna is a small village in Valganna in the province of Varese. It is immersed in the green valley and the surrounding forest stretches as far as the eye can see.

Vogogna Gulo

“Vogogna”, in the classification of the most beautiful villages in Italy, once a place of support for Ludovico il Moro. Vogogna and its castle have their origins in the far XI century, first with the Fortress, of which now we can only see the ruins in the upper part at about 300 meters above sea level on Mount Orsetto, in a position that allowed a complete view of the valley. In the first half of the 14th century Giovanni Visconti, Bishop of Novara and Lord of Milan, enlarged the castle as part of a more general plan to strengthen the defensive network of the Duchy, of which Vogogna was part.

Valle del Vajolet

From Vigo di Fassa you can go up to the Vajolet Valley both from the ski slopes and also from the path that can be taken almost immediately on the right. Both have significant slopes and at times the path is more challenging because the climb goes uphill directly compared to the track that takes it wider. After about 3 km you arrive at the first ski lifts and from there you can easily take the path to the Gardeccia Refuge

Val d’Ayas – Lago Blu

Our itinerary starts from Saint Jacques, a small village in Val d’Ayas just after Champoluc, much more touristic for sure

Una Perla poco sopra Trapani: Erice

Erice is a small village perched above Trapani. It is easily reached by car with a climb of about 13 km making the shortest possible tour. There is also the possibility to reach the village on foot, through a path that cuts straight up and in about 7 km with 700 meters of elevation

Sentiero della gola Rio Plima – Rifugio Corsi

At the end of Val Martello, after the artificial lake of Gioveretto, there is a parking lot with a fee, alternatively you can use the very convenient bus service. Immediately after the Gioveretto Lake, you will find the impressive narrow gorge carved by the Plima river over the millennia at the foot of Mount Cevedale characterized by almost vertical sides smoothed with ice water.

Sentiero Azzurro da Mergozzo a San Giovanni Montorfano

The path starts from the village of Mergozzo and its lake that thanks to the lack of industry, the prohibition of the use of motor boats and a proper management of the sewerage system, make the waters of this basin are among the cleanest in Italy. In the central square of the village, we can admire the ancient secular Elm, which according to some historical documents, was already in the square of Mergozzo in 1600 and now, completely hollow, is awarded the title of monumental tree of Piedmont

Saline della Laguna Marsala

Our itinerary today will take you to discover the salt pans of Marsala, one of the most natural of all Italy, still worked by hand by those who really put a lot of passion and sweat in a job not easy and easily underestimated

Riserva dello Zingaro

For this itinerary you can leave the car in the main parking lot at the entrance of the nature reserve, where it is usually difficult to find parking, or directly to Scopello a little ‘out of the chaos to be able to have a moment of breath and peace when you return

Rifugio Tagliaferri

The path to the Tagliaferri refuge is the number 413 that starts from the locality Ronco

Rif. Brioschi

Our itinerary today includes the ascent to the Brioschi Refuge located on the Northern Grigna. With its 2403 meters it is the highest of Valsassina. From up there you can enjoy a unique panorama on the Lecco branch of Lake Como

Porto Palo – Menfi

Porto Palo is a hamlet of Menfi and the two villages are connected by a bicycle path. It may seem strange to find one in Sicily, but sometimes you are positively surprised and we feel like recommending this route also for the landscape that you can enjoy from here and then go back to the sea to enjoy a bit of healthy relaxation in a crystal clear sea

Pian delle Fugazze – Rifugio Fraccaroli

The starting point of this excursion is Pian delle Fugazze. Pian delle Fugazze is an alpine pass located at 1 163 m above sea level, along the border between the provinces of Vicenza and Trento. It separates the chain of Sengio Alto from the Pasubio massif, connecting the Leogra and Vallarsa valleys

Passo San Pellegrino – Fuchiade

To get to Fuchiade you have to go up from Moena to San Pellegrino Pass.

Parco dei Monti Sicani – Teatro Andromeda

The final destination of this itinerary is undoubtedly the Andromeda Theater, particular for its history and for how it is growing in visibility over time, also thanks to a strong wave of curiosity from tourists from all over the world.

Ossuccio – Monastero San Benedetto

Ossuccio is a small village before Lenno on the branch of Lake Como. From here start many excursions immersed in the nature towards Boffalora Refuge and Venini Refuge.

Monte San Primo

San Primo is the highest peak of the Larian Triangle, with its 1682 meters it stands the highest of all and from there you can admire the lake Como on both branches.

Monte Berico

Monte Berico is a hill, a little more than 100 meters above sea level, which is the northernmost part of the complex of Colli Berici, located a short distance from the historic center of Vicenza and overlooking the city. On its summit stands the shrine of Our Lady of Monte Berico, patron saint of the city and the diocese.


Me.Mo. is the abbreviation of two villages, Meda and Montorfano and MeMo is the path that winds through the Parco della Brughiera Briantea that connects the two countries.

Livigno – Valle Alpisella – Cancano Lakes

For this excursion we start from Livigno, in the direction of the Valle Alpisella, passing through the sources of the Adda until we reach the Lake of San Giacomo di Fraele.

Lake Comabbio

Lake Comabbio is of glacial origin and is located in the province of Varese between Lake Varese and Lake Maggiore.

Foliage al Parco delle 5 Vette

Departure from Cavagnano, a small hamlet of Cuasso al Monte. In these places you can still breathe the air of the past, the houses are mostly made of stone and there is no trace of the “city” with condominiums and huge buildings. The space is filled with many small historic houses that animate the pedestrian center of the village.

Erba – Capanna Mara

The Capanna Mara is a mountain hut located between the mountains Bolettone and Palanzone and precisely just below the pass that connects the Val Bova and Val di Gaggia.

Cunardo Ganna

Cunardo is a small village in the province of Varese immersed in the Campo dei Fiori Park, easily connected to Ghirla and Ganna by a bicycle path that runs along the homonymous lakes and that in autumn is colored with infinite shades for the beauty of the woods in which they are immersed.

Borgo Cornello dei Tasso

Cornello dei Tasso, in Valle Brembana, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, one of the places in Bergamo where the medieval urban and architectural structure has been better preserved.

Antermoia con anello Val di Dona e Val d’Urai

The idea of this excursion is to take advantage of two beautiful valleys, not very beaten, but very scenic, such as Val di Dona and Val d’Urai.

Anello Riserva del Monte Cofano

To start with this excursion it is necessary to go to Cornino, a small town in the province of Trapani, just after the famous and renowned Zingaro Reserve. The Reserve of Mount Cofano has nothing to envy compared to that of the Zingaro and has the advantage of not having a large amount of tourists because it is a bit wilder.

Sentiero delle fragole

The Val Martello is also called the “valley of the berries”: this is in fact the highest production area of strawberries in Europe.

Giro della Corna Tonda

Colere is a small village of about 1100 inhabitants at 1013 s.l.m. in the province of Bergamo.

Sentiero delle Lepri

We learn about the Natural Reserve of Bosco Solivo in the Novara area and decide to go for a run to explore a new place. The town to start from is Borgo Ticino, we recommend that you park in the area of Via Marie Curie to have easy access to the park.

Val Biandino – Santa Rita – Falc – Lago di Sasso

To reach the beginning of the excursion you have to drive up from Introbio towards Val Biandino, through an asphalted road on the right side just after the village.


Have you ever been out and about in the Varese area? Have you ever stopped for a walk along the bicycle path of Varese Lake?

Val Viola

Starting from Arnoga you can stop your car in several parking lots that you will find along the road, we recommend the first on the right coming from Livigno that is free, while the others are paid and usually more crowded. Legs on your shoulders and off you go to discover this valley. They say that it is beautiful ..

Vertemate Abbey

This ring is completely immersed in the green countryside of Brianza and is the right destination if you want to get out of the traffic and stay a bit in the middle of nature without moving too much by car. You don’t need to go near the lake or the mountains, but simply in the middle of small towns, near the town of Vertemate con Minoprio.

Sentiero del Barolo

It was born in the Langhe area, precisely in La Morra, a small characteristic village at about 400 meters above sea level surrounded by vineyards that make this area unique.


Bra is a lively city in the province of Cuneo, not far from Nizza Monferrato and Alba. To find a place to park your car we suggest you to go to the area next to the train station, where there are many free parking lots.

Nizza Monferrato – Canelli

We are in Monferrato, land of wines renowned all over the world, from the red…


Roddi is a small town in the province of Cuneo, with a little more than 1500 inhabitants, but it is known for a peculiarity: it is the seat of the only “university” of truffle dogs in the world, created in 1880 by a farmer from Roddi, Antonio Monchiero, called “Barot”

Gromo – Valle Sedornia

Gromo, in Val Seriana, is one of the villages inserted in the classification of the most beautiful in Italy.

Ring of Latemar

The excursion has the objective to reach the Rifugio Torre di Pisa passing close to the Latemar, with a passage to the Forcella dei Camosci.

Africo Vecchio

Here we are to tell about another pearl of Aspromonte, a land that has always been a bit abandoned but full of mysteries and charm.

Alpe Duno

Then there are days when you reach a small village of four souls in the province of Varese and decide to go up into the hills, in the peace of the green that surrounds you. A small village very quaint and picturesque in which you can find small works of art.

San Fruttuoso Abbey

The National Park of Portofino is a very large park that extends from Santa Margherita Ligure to Camogli. Portofino and the Abbey of San Fruttuoso are peacefully hidden in the most protected hinterland with few human traces.

Ponte Calchéira (Livigno) – Alpe Federia

The Val Federia is a very long valley, mostly grazed. The route that will take us to the Alp does not foresee major difficulties. The walking time is about 2 hours.

Gajum – Corni di Canzo

Leaving to go to Gajum means going in search of coolness. But what is Gajum? Gajum is a source of pure water that flows above the town of Canzo. To get there, it is necessary to arrive in the center of the village and turn to go up towards the mountains. You can arrive by car just before starting to climb to the source (usually block access to cars up to the source because there is little parking.

Torno – Montepiatto

Torno is a small suburb on the branch of Lake Como that leads to Bellagio.

Colli Novesi

Hills around Novi Ligure have a typical hilly landscape among Gavi’s vineyards in which are located many farmhouses and historical villas. The cultural, landscape and enogastronomical patrimony are the main protagonists in this area of Alessandria.

Biella – Shrine of Graglia

Starting from the historical center of Biella to go towards the mountains, to explore sanctuaries and unexpected views. Here we are today in this different guise that will take us from the period villas of Biella to the history of the old villages above the hills of Biella.

Cascate di Lillaz

Today we take you to discover the Lillaz waterfalls, a small hamlet of the more famous Cogne.

Cascate Forgiarelle

Eccoci qui ad avventurarci anche nell’entroterra del Parco dell’Aspromonte, siamo nella provincia di Reggio Calabria. Il paesaggio…

Como – Brunate – Faro Voltiano

Our itinerary starts from the church of Sant’Agostino and immediately ahead on the right you take a stone road that will lead you to cut a couple of hairpin bends to take you directly on the mule track that leads to Brunate and from there to the Faro Voltiano.The initial ascent is not very long, but it is demanding, so we suggest you to face it with calm and moderation.

Caslino d’Erba – Monte Palanzone

Caslino d’Erba is a small village in the province of Como, not far from Canzo considered the last village of Brianza and starting point for many excursions in the mountains of the famous “Larian Triangle”.

Lake Como Greenway

The Greenway is a fascinating route that winds from Colonno to Tremezzo, two small towns on the Como shore of Lake Como. The departure of our itinerary is in Colonno,

Punta La Marmora

Today’s itinerary will take us to the highest peak in Sardinia: Punta La Marmora

Path of the Formichelle

The Sentiero delle Formichelle (Path of the Formichelle) is an ancient pedestrian path that connects Tramonti to the near sea resorts of Maiori and Minori. It runs through an area full of lemon trees and its name is connected to this particularity

Cimon della Bagozza

Today we find ourselves in the Bergamo area, more precisely in the Val di Scalve behind the Presolana massif. We want to take you to the Cimon della Bagozza, which at 2407m is one of the main peaks of the Bergamo Prealps.