Waterfalls of Lillaz

Today we take you to discover the waterfalls of Lillaz, a small hamlet of the more famous Cogne.

The starting point for this excursion is Cogne, a charming town full of tourists both in summer and winter, which dominates the valley of Gran Paradiso and enjoys a magnificent 360° view in all seasons.

For parking we recommend that you leave your car at the beginning of the village where you will find a very large free one, or towards the center you can find even more comfortable but for a fee.

The view of the Gran Paradiso massif already repays the trip here, but today we will not dwell on this glimpse, we will go into the lesser known but equally beautiful, the village of Lillaz.

This itinerary is particularly suitable for families with children as Lillaz can be easily reached by car.

The path winds with a slight difference in height of just over 200 meters. You will soon reach the small village of Champlong and then the entrance to Lillaz. This small mountain hamlet is our pass-partout to the waterfalls that you will soon find in front of you; they are a particularly suggestive attraction, from where excursions to higher altitudes depart.

Once you arrive at the Lillaz waterfalls, you will find yourself admiring a spectacular play of water and colors, created by the power of the water falling from its 150 meters high.

Here adults relax and children in the summer have fun in the crystal clear water.

For the more adventurous, the path continues and you can observe the falls directly from a pier at about 100 meters high.

Your image will be reflected on the mirror of water below: don't you feel like diving?

Beautiful, aren't they? Try to come there in winter, you will find a Nordic spectacle: the waterfalls freeze entirely and create a spectacle of crystals, stalactites and stalagmites, unique in its kind.

Route type: dirt road

Water: in the two countries you can find water in the local fountains

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