Have you ever been out and about in the Varese area? Have you ever stopped for a walk along the bicycle path of Varese Lake?

If you haven’t been there yet, we’ll try to make you feel like going to Equirelais, an enchanting place overlooking the lake of Varese that struck us for its quietness and ability to capture unique sensations just by looking at it from the outside.

A large riding school completes the suggestive location where you can relax on horseback in a truly unique context. A few, almost intimate places outside in the garden of this huge villa make your stay at Equirelais magical.

And the sport? What about the lake of Varese offers a bike path along its entire basin (about 27 km) easily runable even if full of continuous ups and downs. The most beautiful stretches that we recommend are those to the north / west, which offer truly beautiful views on sunny days.

Trail Type: asphalt and dirt (short stretch)

Water: there are several fountains along the way, at about 4/5 km distance

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