Discover Outdoor, Taste Nature


It doesn't matter what means, on foot, running, by bike, on horseback, on roller skates, the important thing is to get there in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.


Our country is so rich of beauties that it would not be enough a whole life to discover them all, but if you start now you can still do in time.


Socio-political events change us, but what should never be missing in us is the search for inner well-being in order to live better.

Our manifest

We are two, two like nature and sport, two like passion and fatigue, two like chronometer and fun, two like sun and moon, two like sea and mountain, two who found themselves to share and communicate how much fun we can have between sport and nature.

How is possible to combine two different spirits with a passion?


imagine being a child again and drawing a mountain on a white sheet of paper: two straight lines joining to form a peak.

Now try to join 2 similar segments, one behind the other, to fill the sheet and not make the peak feel lonely: MM.

MM encloses a dream, born from the passion for sport and nature, from the crystalline Sea to the peaks of the Mountains, any space where you can practice sport and feel emotions.

MM is not only about places but also about meetings and emotions, those that make your heart beats fast, that mysterious organ that marks our life and our time, whose beats were measured in the past by the Mälzel Metronome….MM… Now mix it all together, add a bit of madness and start the journey with us.

“Discover outdoor, Taste nature”

We are Claudio & Giulia

Our precious collaborators

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