Ossuccio – Monastero San Benedetto

Ossuccio is a small village before Lenno on the branch of Lake Como. From here start many excursions immersed in the nature towards Boffalora Refuge and Venini Refuge.

Today, however, we choose an alternative destination that is worth seeing at least once, the Monastery of San Benedetto. You can park in several places in the village, some of them paying only on weekends.

We recommend going up to the churches to find free ones and especially along the road to our destination.

Here are the Google coordinates: Free public parking Via Provinciale, 4, 22010 Ossuccio CO https://goo.gl/maps/NCtybV9uXHoAgqZf7

From here we continue upwards until we reach an inn that was certainly a place of refreshment for our ancestors, “Bar il Riposo”, now closed. From here we start towards the Via Crucis that will make us see all the chapels along the short but hard climb.

At the last church you can also find a refreshment point to have a comfortable picnic. Following then the indications for San Benedetto you will arrive comfortably to the monastery and just before arriving pay attention to keep the right, otherwise go up towards Rifugio Boffalora.

From here on, keeping to the right and climbing towards the Monastery, the road continues completely in the middle of the green in a fairly simple path where you can enjoy total peace.

The trail climbs at first with a steeper incline, while then flattens out a bit after halfway. No difficulties however along the path.

Along the way you can also see several beautiful gorges like this one where the air is particularly fresh even in very hot days.

The whole path is easy to walk and very well marked.

Coming towards the monastery the path goes slightly out of the wood and you will see first some huts on the left and then just below on your right, immersed in the green, the beautiful Monastery of San Benedetto.

From here you can start other excursions upwards (Rifugio Boffalora), or towards the lake again in the direction of Abbazia dell’Acquafredda.

Trail Type: dirt road

Water: 2 fountains in the village before entering the via crucis

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