Alpe Devero

By car, from Baceno, go up to Devero to arrive at the parking lot of Alpe Devero, from where you will leave for the splendid Devero plain. A ring-route to discover all the harmony of environment and landscape of Devero.

From the church of Devero, walk along the Rio Buscagna, pass the campsite and reach Pedemonte.

After having passed the Pedemonte huts, you face the steep slope towards the Buscagna alpine pasture and in about one hour you reach that little paradise that is the vast plateau of Buscagna, immersed in a great quiet and splendid atmosphere that immediately enraptures you. Here there is the alpine pasture renovated by Parco Veglia Deverso and used during the summer months.

It’s a good idea to stop for a while to listen to the silence and enjoy this fantastic landscape; then cross the Buscagna Stream on the little wooden bridge or, if you want a bit of excitement, you can use the old and gnarled log placed a little further upstream and you’ll soon reach the nearby Black Lake, unfortunately today with a very low water level, due to the persistent drought.

The Black Lake is one of the pearls of Devero: a mirror of clear and dark water in which the tormented lines of the Cornera Spires and the surrounding mountains are reflected. All around, larch and fir trees rise from a chaotic mass of stones covered by bushes of rhododendrons and blueberries. On the banks and in the waters of the small lake live colonies of frogs and newts. All around the large subalpine larch forests, sparse and bright, which once hosted the wooded pasture.

From Lake Nero, through these beautiful larch forests, you will descend to the Misanco Alp.

We pass the Misanco basin, an alpine pasture still frequented and with numerous cheese factories and stables.

The path, always evident, goes down in the larch wood and looking on the right you can see the beautiful waterfall of the Buscagna torrent.

Continue to descend rapidly until you reach the nucleus of Pedemonte huts, returning to the starting point.

From here you can take the path that runs circularly along the Piana di Devero along the beaten earth track and is equipped with multimedia supports that allow a different and more in-depth approach to the issues addressed. The path, designed to be accessible also to motor and sensory disabled people, offers 10 stations dedicated to the theme of the alpine landscape with some interactive sensory installations along the way.

Each listening/detection station is identified on the territory by numbered wooden milestones; some of the stations are also equipped with explanatory and descriptive panels.

The informative panels offer opportunities to read about the territory and to penetrate into the magic atmosphere of the Alps. For centuries the Devero Plain has been used by man in two ways: as pasture and as a meadow where hay was cut in high summer. In the 16th-17th centuries, the entire plain underwent major drainage works with the construction of a network of drainage canals that allowed the reclamation of the pre-existing marshland. The transformation of the swamp into regularly regulated and fertilized mowing meadows has produced a semi-natural vegetation governed by man. The central part of the meadows still presents marshy areas (peat bog environment) that testify the progressive process of silting up of the ancient lake that occupied the Devero Plain.

Route Type: dirt

Water: you will find several fountains in Devero

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