Cimon della Bagozza

Today we find ourselves in the Bergamo area, more precisely in the Val di Scalve behind the Presolana massif. We want to take you to the Cimon della Bagozza, which at 2407m is one of the main peaks of the Bergamo Prealps.

To start our itinerary we have to go up the suggestive road to the Vivione pass to reach the Bagozza refuge where, just below, you can leave your car at the roadside (in the busiest periods it can be difficult to find a place).

The first part of the ascent to the summit of Cimon della Bagozza is a simple mule track (path n° 428) that we can take starting from the refuge. This approach leads us to the Madonnina dei Campelli, from where we can admire the beautiful peak and the whole scree slope that we will have to walk along. Turn right in a meadow and take the path n° 417 up to the small lake of Campelli from where the real ascent begins, at the beginning along a steep path among boulders but easy to walk along.

to the base of the long scree.

The slope can be interpreted almost at will, in fact the stones that make up the scree are small and move easily, what you will find are numerous zigzag uphill tracks (pay particular attention to the stones that can roll from above if we are preceded by other people and consequently when we will face the descent on the way back) with a gradually increasing slope,

in this case you will need poles, you will reach the top of the scree at the base of a small gully. The section is not particularly difficult but you need to help yourself in some points with your hands and pay attention in case of wet rock. After a while we arrive at the Passo delle Ortiche

from which you have a privileged view on the beautiful Concarena with its highest peak, the Bacchetta peak and behind us the imposing Nino tower. From here it’s not far but there is another steep stretch on grassy ground and easy rocks of about 10 – 15 min until you reach the beautiful summit cross of Cimon della Bagozza (2407 m).

The observation point is remarkable on the Rhaetian Alps, Adamello group, Pizzo Camino and Presolana.

For the descent we follow the same path backwards, paying attention to the gully under the Passo delle Ortiche and then along the scree (very funny for the most “reckless”, but with an eye to the people below us).

Obligatory stop on the way back for lunch and a nice piece of cake at Rifugio Bagozza.

A special thanks to our friend and collaborator Marco Mauri.

Route typology: path

Water: we need to be self-sufficient

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