Gajum – Corni di Canzo

Leaving to go to Gajum means going in search of coolness. But what is Gajum?

Gajum is a source of pure water that flows above the town of Canzo. To get there, it is necessary to arrive in the center of the village and turn to go up towards the mountains. You can arrive by car just before starting to climb to the source (usually block access to cars up to the source because there is little parking.

Parking in one of the parking lots just below you can go up the path (left side that we recommend for a peculiarity that makes it unique)

or from the paved road (then they join at some point before the source.

Once you reach Gajum, you start to walk in earnest towards Prim’Alpe, Second’Alpe (by now there is nothing left) and Terz’Alpe, and then proceed towards Corni di Canzo. The climb up to Terz’Alpe is easy and along the stone road there are many points where you can always drink spring water. From Terz’Alpe upwards there is no more water, so on hot days fill up the tank below.

The ascent towards the Corni is easy at first and then after 15′ the slope tends to increase until Sasso Malascarpa (meeting point between the Corni on the left and Monte Rai/Cornizzolo on the right). Going up on the left you arrive after about 1 hour of walking under the Horns and you can choose to go on the Western one or on the central one to go further and see the Eastern one.

At the top you can also see the SEC Shelter of Valmadrera recognizable by the green roof. In sunny days also a “small” glimpse of Lake Como.

The view from up there is worth the final climb to the top of the Corni.

Route type: dirt road and mountain trail

Water: from the source Gajum up to Terz Alpe there is along the ascent, then just up to the top

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