Ponte Calchéira (Livigno) – Alpe Federia

The Val Federia is a very long valley, mostly grazed. The route that will take us to the Alp does not foresee major difficulties. The walking time is about 2 hours.

At the end of the village of Livigno, towards the lake of Livigno, turn left towards Val Federia, and park at Ponte Calchéira (1859 m) parking lot P3; beyond the bridge there is no access for cars.

There are two possibilities of route. Without crossing the bridge, take a wide mule track on the left that runs along the Federia torrent on the right side. The small road proceeds slightly uphill among the larch trees, passing near numerous tables and benches. Or, crossing the bridge, continue on the asphalted road that goes up next to the Restaurant Bar La Calchéira and passing near the place where the Church of Federia rises.

In reality it is a quite recent reconstruction, finished in the ’80s; the original little church, very old and now in precarious conditions of stability, was located a little further downstream.

We pass the small Baitél de la Cheseira (2146 m), we cross a brook and then we go on for a long time in a gentle slope until the constructions of Alpe Federia (or Cascine di Mortarecc; 2207 m).

The alpine pasture offers restaurant and agritourism service, with also the possibility of overnight stay.

From here you could continue for other excursions towards the Federia Pass (2899 m).

Path Type: you can choose to do the dirt path or the paved road for a while, then just easy dirt path.

Water: at the beginning of the trail and arrived at the farmhouse. There are some small streams along the way.

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