Ring of Latemar

The excursion has the objective to reach the Rifugio Torre di Pisa passing close to the Latemar, with a passage to the Forcella dei Camosci.

Partenza: Forno

Arrivo: Forno

Departure and arrival are located in the same place but we suggest to make a loop going up from Valsorda and coming down from Passo Feudo towards Predazzo.

Because of the recent bad weather we had to call the refuge to confirm the opening of the path in Valsorda, be careful because it is not an easy valley to walk through, being very steep. The valley is very open at the beginning and recently has been subject to several landslides due to bad weather.

The first easier part, will give way to a much harder trail after about 1 1/2 hours of walking.

The ascent in Valsorda is very scenic but is especially hard when you enerpica on the final wall, you need legs and lots of breath.

The view up there is worth it and on a sunny day on the way up you might see some good things.

Once you reach the Latemar Hut, and from here it will be very close to Forcella dei Camosci. Take the path that goes up to the right immediately after the hut otherwise you will go directly to the hut skipping a very scenic point.

Continue northward in the direction of the ridges and you will easily reach the chamois pass. The path here will become gravel and the vegetation will give way to another type of terrain because we will start to go higher.

Once you reach the Forcella dei Camosci it will be enough to take the path from where you arrived and go straight on up to the mountain hut.

First the Tower of Pisa from which it takes its name and then the hut.

For the descent it is necessary to follow the path towards Passo Feudo, taking the path immediately on the left for the descent. It is the one that goes through the ski slopes, there is nothing else. But it saves a lot of money.

Once in Predazzo you have to do about 4 km along the bicycle path northwards to go and get your car back.

Type Route: mountain trail and asphalt to bike path

Water: apart from in the huts along the road there is little or nothing, only at the Baita del Latemar

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