Roddi is a small town in the province of Cuneo, with a little more than 1500 inhabitants, but it is known for a peculiarity: it is the seat of the only “university” of truffle dogs in the world, created in 1880 by a farmer from Roddi, Antonio Monchiero, called “Barot”.

Obviously the one who wanted to be present in the picture at all costs, we consider him as a repeater, don’t mind him …

On the way to the university you will also find many works that evoke the work of truffle picking.

Roddi despite its small size, has a lot of culture inside. Another peculiarity is the castle that rises in the central and highest part of the city and that is still possible to visit with guided tours.

Seeing everything in a few blocks, we particularly recommend visiting Roddi with families with children.

But that’s not all, because in Roddi you can also relax with the “path of poetry” ..

A few hundred meters that go around the highest part of the village, will allow you both to enjoy a panoramic tour of the whole village and of the surrounding valleys, from Monferrato to Langhe, and to enjoy poetic excerpts that are an active part of the place.

We leave you a taste, for the rest come to Roddi!

Trail Type: asphalt and cobblestone

Water: stop in some local bar also to give value to the locals who still believe in the value of small things

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