Sentiero del Barolo

It was born in the Langhe area, precisely in La Morra, a small characteristic village at about 400 meters above sea level surrounded by vineyards that make this area unique.

It is the 7 paths that wind around here and allow you to discover glimpses sometimes unthinkable, which contain many meanings of this area. With its 11.5 km, it is the longest path, which touches all the main viewpoints of the area.

Departure from the “km zero” just outside the center of La Morra where you can also easily find parking.

The first part of the track is on asphalt and purely downhill, but for the moment do not be afraid of the return uphill, we will make you understand that it will be worth it.

Descending along the roads that run alongside the vineyards you will often find several colored signs of the other routes that cross each other as well.

Continue downhill and after a while a fork on the right will lead us to the first vineyards.

The beauty of these places is that you will be allowed to pass through the vines even while the owners are intent on pruning or harvesting. Respect is an integral part of the culture of these people, who have made their land an immense asset.

There are several beautiful churches along the path, passing through different hamlets such as Santa Maria, Annunziata. Another characteristic point is the Cedar, which we are sure will surprise you.

The path to Santa Maria is really beautiful and easy to walk, almost to the center where there will be the first characteristic church of the route.

Continuing a little further on the left you begin to ride the rows those a little ‘harder, with slopes also important, both uphill and downhill. You will cross vineyards of all qualities, shapes and colors will be your companions of adventure for the next few miles. Hard to find different company from here on.

You will arrive soon in Il Cedro, where you will also pass by the farm of Cordero di Montezemolo, which, let’s say, does not go unnoticed, as it is located just after a beautiful climb.

After passing through Annunziata, there is only the last stretch between the rows of vines, and then up towards La Morra to close the tour. This last part is the hardest for us, with stretches between the rows of vines and on asphalt with significant slopes. But what you will find in front of you will surely be a stimulus to not make you feel the accumulated fatigue.

A glimpse of the Chapel of Barolo from afar is a must, how can you not notice it and photograph it.

These trails are also stages for a very tough race of the place “Intrepida” that loops around these places on a distance of 21 or 42 km. How did we find out about it? A few signs along the way made us curious and to top it off a local farmer, intent on fixing up his vineyard, saw us and asked why we weren’t coming back to do it given our training. One day who knows …

For today we are “satisfied” to go back to La Morra and enjoy the sunset!

Trail Type: asphalt and dirt road between the vineyards

Water: better if you are self-sufficient because if it’s hot among the vines you will feel it

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La Morra

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