Sentiero delle Lepri

We learn about the Natural Reserve of Bosco Solivo in the Novara area and decide to go for a run to explore a new place. The town to start from is Borgo Ticino, we recommend that you park in the area of Via Marie Curie to have easy access to the park.

Very nice first impact in the park, very green and clean and above all surrounded by a pleasant silence that only nature can give. After about 1.5 km you arrive at a clearing and if you take the path on the left you will arrive comfortably at a picnic area equipped under the tall conifers. Here you can refresh yourself and enjoy the relaxation of nature.

The park has a straight line of about 4 km that cuts it in two and then laterally you will find many paths (always marked with white-red colors) that will take you into the wildest nature. Walking on the side of the main path you will not find easy trails to run, better to take a nice restful walk.

It’s not a huge park, although you can get lost in the various side trails as there is no signage, however you can have some great walks.

Not enough for you? Do you also want some culture?

Go to the Church of San Giorgio, about 4 km away, it is a characteristic point of the area!

Trail Type: dirt road not easy to run

Water: there is no drinking water in the park, you must bring it with you

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