Lake Comabbio

Lake Comabbio is of glacial origin and is located in the province of Varese between Lake Varese and Lake Maggiore.

The tour of Lake Comabbio can be completed from different points, such as the base of the Rowing Club Olona where you can park comfortably along the internal road. The advice we give is to start from the park of Via Roma in Ternate, which has ample parking and an excellent end point where you can enjoy some relaxation overlooking the lake and lying on a lawn.

Leaving the park on the north-west side you can start the bike path that surrounds the entire lake and after a few hundred meters you reach a wooden pier where you can admire the lake in all its beauty, especially in the early morning you can enjoy the beautiful sunrises. (At the time of writing the bridge is under renovation and it is necessary to go around it from the north)

The path has several ups and downs with beautiful slopes marked by signs and for this not trivial, but what you can admire throughout the tour repays the effort.

Trail Type: asphalt on bicycle path

Water: about three fountains present of which one at the base of the rowers, for this also we do not recommend to start from there otherwise a refreshment point is missing.

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