Me.Mo. is the abbreviation of two villages, Meda and Montorfano and MeMo is the path that winds through the Parco della Brughiera Briantea that connects the two countries.

Where are we? Province of Monza and Brianza to then pass in the province of Como.

The route varies considerably along the path passing through woods that in autumn create an incredible foliage, almost enveloping, to short stretches on the road to pass from one wooded area to another and to expanses of meadows that allow us to admire the silence of nature, broken only by a “rain of leaves” that makes this season special.

The entrance to the park can be made from Meda itself or from Cabiate (neighboring country) where there is a more convenient entrance and also the possibility of a convenient parking.

The first part of the path is all forest, very nice to walk with some characteristic features on the wooden bridges (they are there for about 30 years and on each one you will find a particular phrase with a memory).

In the inside of the park, if you keep the path number 4 you won’t get lost and you’ll easily go towards Mariano Comense.

If you have time and willingness, we also recommend all the various side trails, because in every season they tell something different.

Ahead you will find 3/4 wooden bridges to pass and some passages like the one above in the picture, where the only phrase you hear will be “watch out for the horns”.

Going up and down through the woods you will touch the following municipalities: Meda, Cabiate, Mariano Comense, Carugo, Arosio, Cascina Amata, to reach then out the other side of the park at Olgelasca.

Here in Olgelasca it is definitely worth stopping for a visit to St. Adrian’s Church.

Isolated and almost hidden gem, at the edge of the woods and isolated from the gaze of travelers, the church of Sant’Adriano is a jewel as small as precious.

The church we see today is the result of an extraordinary stratification of works and interventions carried out in different periods.

We can however date the small present oratory to the years between the 11th and the 12th century, when the Benedictine nuns of San Vittore di Meda, who became the owners of the oratory of Olgelasca, promoted important works of renovation of the pre-existing building, up to the present forms.

From here on you can continue also until Montorfano but the path from here on, we have not yet been able to find it once a year without mud up to the hair and also this time we stop here.

On the way back, you can make some patrolling rings passing through Mariano, staying in the upper part, “Castelmarino” area and coming out at the Mordina lake. Here water lilies and frogs are the masters in spring, while at this time of year you may still be able to find some ducks.

From here the return to the start is a matter of a few kilometers in the initial forest from which we started.

Trail Type: wooded path, asphalt

Water: only at departure

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