Monte San Primo

San Primo is the highest peak of the Larian Triangle, with its 1682 meters it stands the highest of all and from there you can admire the lake Como on both branches.

To get to San Primo there are several ways more or less long, almost never difficult.

In this excursion we will show you two starting points:

– Colma di Sormano

– Pian del Tivano

Both offer convenient parking and usually you go up to Pian del Tivano in the best periods when up to the Colma the parking lots are full. The Colma di Sormano is easily recognizable because it is the top of the hill after a long climb by car from Sormano, where you can also find an astronomical observatory.

This is also a famous arrival point for cyclists in the area who try one of the hardest climbs in Italy, the Muro di Sormano. Unlikely gradients for only a few kilometers that make even professional bikes go berserk.


Never park along the street the traffic cops are very strict here.

If you start from Pian del Tivano you can make a loop on the way back and descend from Colma, while starting from Colma it is advisable to make round trip on the same route.

The most suitable parking from Pian del Tivano is at the height of Agriturismo Binda (where on the way back you can rest and eat something really good).

At the end of the farmhouse a road on the right takes us directly to the path. The first part remains asphalted until you reach the second farmhouse, from there on it will be only dirt road.

After passing a farmhouse just ahead, the road will start to climb to Alpe Spessola where you will cross the other path coming from Colma (easier for the return).

Continuing on the left the path starts to climb more and goes along the whole mountain until you reach Alpe Terrabiotta.

The halfway point is near but don’t be fooled that you’ll have to go around it before you see the last tear for the summit.

From the summit with cross, the view repays even here every effort made to reach it. We consider it the peak par excellence of the Larian Triangle. Do you understand why?

For the return, as we had anticipated, you can either do the ring or go down again to the Agriturismo Binda. Pay attention that from the Colma to the parking lot down to the farmhouse you will have to take the asphalted road where cars pass.

Trail Type: asphalt and a lot of mountain trail

Water: need to be self-sufficient

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