Pian delle Fugazze – Rifugio Fraccaroli

The starting point of this excursion is Pian delle Fugazze. Pian delle Fugazze is an alpine pass located at 1 163 m above sea level, along the border between the provinces of Vicenza and Trento. It separates the chain of Sengio Alto from the Pasubio massif, connecting the Leogra and Vallarsa valleys.

There passes the former state road 46 “del Pasubio” that connects Vicenza to Rovereto. The parking lots are all fee-paying, but if you continue to the end of the last hut with the car you will be able to find some free, saving a piece of asphalt road and your joints will thank you. The Fraccaroli Refuge will be our halfway point. It is located just below Cima Carega in the Piccole Dolomiti, in the municipality of Ala. The nice thing about this excursion is that you will often find yourself walking on the border between Veneto and Trentino without realizing it, but leaving this aspect aside, we arrive from Pian delle Fugazze on the asphalt road to the Campogrosso Refuge, where just before on the right is the junction that leads to the Fraccaroli Refuge. From here the path becomes completely mountainous and also becomes quite steep when it comes to passing through the gully that leads to Bocchetta dei Fondi.

From the mouth the sestieri wind incredibly forming as many small alleys that lead gradually in the various shelters in the vicinity.

Continue for about 300 meters of positive height difference to reach the Fraccaroli refuge

which for its peculiarity of being practically on top of Mount Carega, has a very nice “carega” placed near the tables outside (from the dialectal form “carega” means chair). Just think that this chair, because of its references to the mountain on which it rests, has been brought here by some local athletes. Their commitment is remarkable, as much as their imagination, but now it is appreciated by many who arrive at the top and take some pictures.

Be very careful on the downhill part not to improvise in the scree and go down straight for straight thinking to cut, if you are not experienced you risk to hurt yourself.

Trail Type: initial asphalt, then mountain trail with scree

Water: only in shelters, you must be self-sufficient

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