Riserva dello Zingaro

For this itinerary you can leave the car in the main parking lot at the entrance of the nature reserve, where it is usually difficult to find parking, or directly to Scopello a little ‘out of the chaos to be able to have a moment of breath and peace when you return.

The directions we want to provide are these: https://bit.ly/3d3bVJQ

Without distracting you too much from your itinerary, look also at the Bennistra Tower that overlooks Scopello.

Follow a stretch of paved road and head west to the entrance of the reserve. You will have to pay the entrance fee of 5 € / person. As well maintained as the reserve is, it is absolutely worth it. Remember not to enter the reserve in flip-flops or flip-flops, wear hiking shoes otherwise you will break your feet.

As you enter the reserve there will be several coves more or less far away. Keep in mind that the first ones will always be the ones with the highest density of people. The dirt path that leads to the next ones is not easy especially if you bring with you umbrella, cooler and more.

Of course, the wildest coves are those at the bottom, where you can really enjoy peace and relaxation in a true corner of paradise.

In order you will encounter:

– Cala Capreria

– Cala del Varo

– Cala della Disa

– Cala Beretta

Cala Capreria is the first and often too crowded to linger. A glance from the top of the path is enough to understand it.

The path that you should take as we said is not easy, because it has several ups and downs with steps and stones, but what you will see will make you pass the fatigue.

Between the most beautiful places along the coast, we certainly recommend to get to Cala Beretta and with a little more effort you can enjoy a priceless relaxation.

You will see several forks on the trail for various coves, so until you come to a sign like this you should continue.

Ah if you thought you could catch these coves without people for a unique photo, you can forget about it in summer.

Cala della Disa is more restricted than others and the chances of finding a place are certainly smaller than in other coves, but what do you think, is it worth it?

Some, such as Cala del Varo are easier to reach by boat than on foot, so we show it only in photos. We’d be happy to drop by.

If you don’t want to stop in the coves you can continue until San Vito lo Capo lengthening a lot the walk, otherwise you can return from the same road to Scopello.

After an intense day, how about waiting towards the

Inserted in a roadstead of incomparable beauty, protected by two medieval towers that watch from above, sheltered from the sea by two imposing and luxuriant stacks, rises the Tonnara of Scopello. It is a Monumental Complex that faithfully represents the ancient history of the sea of Sicily and its traditions. It is now a natural museum overlooking the crystal clear water, historical evidence of the economy that for centuries has been one of the main sources of income of the people of the place, keeping intact even today, all the equipment and tools used for tuna fishing. Inside the complex, conceived as an ancient fishing village, there are 14 housing units surrounded by nature, which are rented in respect of their original history. It ‘s the ideal place for those who want to get away from the daily routine and immerse themselves in an incredible atmosphere made of history and beautiful nature.

Trail Type: dirt road

Water: not present along the route

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