Forni Beach

The Conero Reserve is beautiful to walk around inland, looking at the coves from above, but just as beautiful when seen from the sea, with the cliffs that plunge into the sea at a precipice.

Getting there is not always easy if you are not well trained and except for the first beaches in the immediate vicinity of Portonovo, you need to equip yourself with a paddle and wave after wave try to reach them.

They cannot be reached on foot because of the type of mountain, neither from Portonovo, nor from Sirolo because of the landslide terrain.

Parking in Portonovo will not be easy because of the huge amount of tourists that crowd the area and, unless you stay in a hotel in the area, parking will be charged.

We advise you to walk to the last lido of Portonovo beach, so that you can reduce the amount of paddling you will have to do (especially on windy days)

Consider that you need a whole day if you want to enjoy some sea kayaking.

You’ll find yourself paddling in a beautiful sea, with sheer cliffs.

The first viewpoint you will encounter is the so-called “sail”, distinguishable even from a distance by its shape.

Here is the first beach, still perhaps a bit “crowded” for those who love the wilder nature. However it is to be admired as the others that will come later.

After come in order, the beach of the white stones, the beach of the ovens and the beach of the gulls.

Easily interpretable what the name may derive from for each of them.

We today, accomplice the sea a bit ‘rough, we pass through the beach of white stones and we stop at the beach of furnaces. However, about 5 km of kayaking between there and back are not to be underestimated, especially for those who are not trained.

The beach of the seagulls although fascinating because they tell us to be the wildest, we will leave it for next time, maybe paddling from Sirolo.

Type Route: open sea

Water: you won’t find anything at Forni beach, you have to take it with you

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