Monte Zeda

Monte Zeda is a mountain in the Ticinese Alps, located between Val Grande and Valle Cannobina and is part of the Val Grande National Park. To reach it you can leave by leaving your car in Colle at 1238 meters where you can easily find parking. Once parked, on our left there is the track n° 10. It will take us to the top of Mount Zeda.

The hike includes about 1000 meters of altitude gain and offers the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding valley and Lake Maggiore. On sunny days with its 2156 m a.s.l. the view is really among the most fascinating in the area.

The first part of the route is unpaved and quite easy between beech groves and birch trees, without particular changes of slope up to the Folungo Pass.

Immense green valleys will be behind you and with a glimpse of Lake Maggiore from 1369 meters of the Pass.This trait is to be remembered for Italian history because it is the road built by General Cadorna in the First World War to transport the artillery.

Along the way you can also see a fortification that was the Hospitaller of the war of 15-18.

From the pass the road proceeds to hairpin bends and we will begin to grind difference in level towards what remains of the now ruined Rifugio Pian Vadà from which you start to see in the distance our goal.

The destination with its cross that stands out with amazing views awaits us. On one side Lake Maggiore, on the other Monte Rosa.

Route Type: mountain and dirt track

Water: you need to be sufficient

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