Peia – Monte Sparavera

Peia is a small town in Val Gandino, included in the mountain community of the Seriana Valley. Once these areas were very rich for the textile industry, now they have remained the great villas of those who made fortunes and wonderful places to enjoy a day in serenity.

The first curiosity: Peia is considered one of the 5 countries of the “Cinque Terre”! Well, here we have them, they are not only in Liguria. Together with Gandino, Leffe, Casnigo and Cazzano S. Andrea, make up the “Cinque Terre” of Bergamo, places suspended between history and nature at the foot of the Orobie.

We start in the direction of the Madonna di Monte Pizzo with the aim of pushing us to Mount Sparavera.

The first part is totally paved with light slopes under a pleasant forest.

You will find after a couple of km a road on the left whose slope will increase a little. It is not the only way to climb, you can also go straight, but we prefer to put as soon as possible the difference in height in the legs so as to enjoy the view first.

Follow our tracks well here otherwise you will end up in private properties along the area. At the last hairpin bend you have to keep to the left, continuing on the meadow for a few meters before finding the small path that goes up to the right.

Be careful on the ground, you will find red signs at the second fork on the right. It will be the most comfortable road that will allow you to climb. The path here intertwines in the mountain and will be the only delicate point of the entire tour.

When nature starts to open up, we realize we’re about to drop.

Once the wooded part is finished we decide to give ourselves a stop at the Madonna di Monte Pizzo before continuing.

In front of the Seriana valley, the Madonna dominates the valley and the surrounding mountains.

We continue on the small side path that could lead us directly to Monticelli, but it is not well traced and then we will find ourselves again in a short time on the previous road.

We continue on a comfortable path, which will also become cemented later and gradually we will finally begin to see the Lake Endine and all its colors.

Once in Monticelli we do not get lost in chatter and continue towards Mount Sparavera, our goal.

Last junction uphill, keep to the left, the mountain is practically above us, we will circumnavigate it and we will arrive from the shoulders.

Do you want to know the real curiosity of this place?

We discovered it thanks to the locals, who delighted us with this discovery.

The statue (also called cross) in the name of General Cadorna that right here during the First World War I remain fatally hit by enemy planes.

Type of route: asphalt, road and mountain path

Water: need to be self-sufficient

Discover outdoor,

Taste nature

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