Fairy Wood

Have you ever come out of a village and enter a fairy forest?!?
No we are not in fairy tales but in the village of Orino.
Starting from the town square and following the direction to Cerro-Velate, take a cobblestone and asphalt road first, and then arrive, after 500 meters, at the entrance of a dirt path.

At the beginning of the route you are in front of a huge sports field with an adjoining picnic area, where you can relax and eat something surrounded by greenery and tranquility of the place.

Along the football field continue for about 1km, Until you activate at a fork: continuing straight you reach the town of Cerro while turning left.. voilà! You enter the magical world of the wood of sculptures.

A slight climb of pebbles before the outlet in the clearing where you can admire the carved wooden sculptures by Sergio Terni, a self-taught sculptor passionate walker .. I suspected there was some feeling, good walker does not lie !
Sergio has learned to carve by attending craft shops , as it used to be, and since then combines this passion for the forest.

“Use of dead plants, destined to be cut. It is the same woodcutters to signal me: at that point I give them life, again. I use mainly chestnut wood that, perhaps, is not ideal for sculpture, but contains tannin that allows the wood to resist over the years, even if the tree is dead”. He told us during an interview.
What better way to combine mother nature with sustainability and human creativity?
Through his sculptures you cross the doors of fantasy passing from the fairytales of the forest to Celtic legends.
We leave you only a few glimpses of the magic that you breathe in this place because we want to leave to you the wonder of discovery.

And remember : “you can’t live a fairy tale if you lack the courage to enter the woods”

Once you reach the end of the Radura you can follow several paths on the right to return to Cerro or return along its steps to reach Orino again.

Type of route: dirt road

Water: start of the route and picnic area

Discover outdoor,

Taste nature

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80 D+
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