Porto Palo – Menfi

Porto Palo is a hamlet of Menfi and the two villages are connected by a bicycle path. It may seem strange to find one in Sicily, but sometimes you are positively surprised and we feel like recommending this route also for the landscape that you can enjoy from here and then go back to the sea to enjoy a bit of healthy relaxation in a crystal clear sea.

The peculiarity of this bike path is that it was born on the remains of the old railway that connected the towns.

There are several parking lots along the state road that connects the two centers and you can also buy sandwiches and typical local specialties in some small supermarkets along the road to the post excursion. We signal for example the Market da Vito where to buy something good to eat.

Riferimento Google: https://www. google.com/maps/place/Minimarket+da+vito/@37.5805971,12.9134139,17.08z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x131a498f01fa1201:0x2511c46d2e363e13!2sPorto+Palo,+AG!3 b1!8m2!3d37.574541!4d12.9047642!3m4!1s0x131a4995b39d327d:0x91c097bad1868b15!8m2!3d37.5797781!4d12.9178398?hl=en

The bike path is immediately visible even directly from the state highway because for the first part, it runs along it. There is a part that also goes in the direction of Menfi but it is only a few kilometers long (use it to warm up if you need it). There are no particular difficulties along the way, even the slope is small, but pay particular attention to the period in which you ride because it could be very hot, since there is not a tree along the entire route. The bike path in Menfi arrives in the most industrial part and to get there you will have to continue further north if you want to visit it, but the path logically lengthens.

Trail Type: asphalt

Water: it is not present and in hot seasons it would be good to be self-sufficient to avoid problems of dehydration

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Porto Palo

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