Nature and Culture at Cherasco

We couldn’t take you only in the middle of the nature of these places, because here in the Langhe there is also a lot of culture and art in the streets. That’s why through the Limax Acis Resort we offer you this itinerary that wraps up both and takes you to discover Cherasco.

Cherasco is a little more than 3 km from the Resort but the road is a provincial road not very suitable to our standards and therefore we have built a very special “figure of eight” tour, as you can see from the map.

We start to go down for about 1 km from the provincial road and then as soon as we see a big farm on the left, we take that road that will lead us to dive into the hazel groves.

We continue for several kilometers immersed in the countryside and in absolute peace …

… until we reach a crossroads, which we will take on the way back to close our tour.

We continue towards Sant’Antonio and San Bartolomeo.

A number of area trails pass through here. Some of these we will keep in mind for future times.

All these villages have no more than 50 inhabitants, a little lost in the hinterland, a little part of a past history, but still rich in culture and charm. They always have something to tell!

From San Bartolomeo now we have to go down towards Meane and we have two alternatives: dirt road downhill or asphalt road. The dirt road goes directly down to the village cutting many km while on the asphalt road we have to stretch a lot, going back to Sant’Antonio and taking the downhill road on the left.

We, with the Resort bikes, decide that it’s worth to take the dirt road and have fun for a while, because we will do the other road on the way back to close the tour.

So we go towards the cemetery of San Bartolomeo and before turning right you will find a track in front of you, a bit hidden in the grass for a few meters. After that you will find yourself on this dirt road that will take you straight to the village.

Now from the village to get to Cherasco there is only a nice descent towards the Tanaro is a flat part. Keep to the right at this fork.

From here, a steep descent and we will find ourselves in front of the bridge that will take us across the Tanaro. This crossing is not very beautiful but there are no alternatives with the bridges. Once you have crossed the river there will be no need to take the busy provincial road but you will find a sidewalk that will give you a breath of fresh air.

Keep left here at the fork.

Following the road that then becomes a dirt road, you will arrive on the hairpin bends that lead to Cherasco.

Cherasco is really rich of culture in every corner and we suggest you a tour in the inner part passing through the castle, the cathedral and the museum of magic that are the most characteristic points.

After a nice visit in the center of Cherasco we take the way to the magic museum to go back out of town towards Sant’Antonio. This time we decide to come back from the road that we didn’t face downhill on the way out, descending directly towards Meane.

Strada in costante salita ma lèggerà per 3/4 km.

Vi facciamo assaporare l’ultima parte della salita in video.

Una volta giunti a Sant’Antonio si ritorna sulla strada fatta all’andata per poi rientrare dalla parte più alta che porta verso La Morra e concludere il nostro “otto”.

Tipologia Percorso: asfalto e sterrato

Acqua: tre fontane lungo il percorso dove potrete rifornirvi

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