Leopardi’s tour

The “Tour of Leopardi”, so we ideally called a tour that would touch all (or almost) the focal points of the great poet’s life.

We are in Recanati, in the Marche region, a beautiful city that welcomes many tourists from all over the world every year. Le Marche is not only synonymous with the sea or mature reserves, there is so much culture in the hinterland that a month would not be enough to visit it all.

You can park comfortably outside the historic center where you will find several parking areas, as we point out. The entrance of the center is already very characteristic and above all well maintained.

It is a town rich in art and culture, as evidenced by the various stores and exhibitions that we encounter along the way.

As soon as we arrive in Piazza Leopardi we start our real tour, which will take us to the Tower of the Solitary Sparrow, to Leopardi’s house and to the botanical garden, recently restored by FAI.

At the end of the square, on the right, we find the Persiani Theatre, that unfortunately we can’t visit because it is closed, but we will come back…

Continuing from the theater we arrive after less than a km to the Tower of the Lonely Sparrow.

Curious about this tower? Even Google will take you here, but the peculiar thing is that it is considered the tower of the solitary sparrow because of its privileged position that allows a good affix of visitors, but actually the real one of Leopardi is inside the convent next door, a little more hidden.

Here inside behind you, you will see the real tower somewhat hidden.

Wandering around in search of inspiration, one cannot help but come across the unique views that this city offers. Moreover, the city is covered with Leopardi’s poems, stopping to read some of them is a real cure-all.

We go on and we will soon reach Sabato del Villaggio square, here there is Leopardi’s house.

In front of the poet’s house there is the botanical garden. Recently renovated by the FAI, the park can be visited in its entirety.

The sight, the scents, the feelings take us back in time to try to imagine what Giacomo Leopardi felt.

Wandering around the park you can perceive crazy scents thanks to the atmosphere that the FAI has been able to recreate. Maybe we have also understood why here Leopardi’s thoughts were lost in infinity.

Leaving the park we end our tour on the “always dear to me was this hermitage hill”, Mount Tabor.

Here was born one of the most famous poems of the poet and we close our tour that will then take us back to the car, leaving you with her to try to imagine what it feels like passing through her hometown.

I have always loved this steep hill,
and this hedge, that excludes my gaze from so far
from the last horizon.
But sitting and gazing, interminable
spaces beyond it, and superhuman
silences, and deepest peace
I pretend in my thoughts, where for a little while
the heart is not afraid. And as the wind rustles among these plants, I compare that infinite silence to this voice: and I am reminded of the eternal, and of the dead seasons, and of the present and the living, and of the sound of it. So among this
immensity my thought is drowned:
and the shipwreck is sweet to me in this sea.

Trail Type: asphalt

Water: a drinking fountain when you park and one in front of Leopardi’s house

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