Arona – Stresa

Arona and Stresa are two of the most characteristic villages on Lake Maggiore, on the Piedmont shore.

Arona is a municipality of about 14000 inhabitants and falls in the Natural Park of the Lagoni of Mercurago. It is also the largest port that overlooks Lake Maggiore.

On sunny days you can also see the Rocca di Angera on the other side of the lake and the Alps in the distance.

Thanks to the rich and diversified offer from the historical and cultural point of view, to the beauty of the landscapes that surround it and to the attention paid to tourists, it is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in beauty and relaxation.

The city’s name is probably derived from the Celtic roots art (mountain) and on (water), meaning “mountain on the water.”

Arona has a very ancient history: archaeological finds testify the existence of a village on piles inhabited since prehistoric times. Later it was part of the feud of the powerful Borromeo family: St. Charles Borromeo was born here in the first half of the sixteenth century.

In 2018 Arona, through the Touring Club, received the Orange Flag, recognition that is awarded to municipalities that, in addition to enjoying a valuable historical, cultural and environmental heritage, know how to offer tourists a quality welcome.

Starting from Largo Pietro Vidale, convenient both for those arriving from the station and for those arriving by car, we head towards Stresa.

Through a bicycle path you can cross all the center and enjoy the view of the typical local restaurants overlooking the lake.

Leaving the village we will start to drive along the provincial road that runs along the lake, passing by many historical and modern villas that dot the Piedmontese shore. Some of them are to lose our heads.

We will pass through Meina, Lesa and Belgirate before arriving at our destination. They are all small towns, but in each of them you will find a welcome and a refreshment point.

In the central part you will find a couple of climbs, before Belgirate. Don’t worry they won’t take your breath away.

There are about 20 km that separate Arona from Stresa and if Arona had conquered you, then open your eyes also to Stresa.

The town of Stresa overlooks Lake Maggiore near the Gulf where there are the scenic Borromean Islands (Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori), in a very suggestive position. This peculiarity, combined with the mildness of the climate and the beauty of the landscape and architecture here harmoniously fused, attracts thousands of tourists every year and makes the location one of the most popular Italian tourist destinations since the second half of the nineteenth century.

Route type: asphalt

Water: in roadside centers

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