Osimo and surroundings

Osimo is a charming town in the province of Ancona a stone’s throw from the Conero Reserve. Osimo is particularly famous for its large.

Beneath the city that today each of us can admire there are miles and miles of caves and tunnels dating back to periods presumably prior to the two world wars.

Our tour starts from the historic center of Osimo, in the direction of the Caves of Cantinone where we booked a guided tour. (Be careful what you type on google maps because only “caves of Osimo” takes you out of the way, followed by the caves of Cantinone).

Every glimpse of this city is particular, has something to tell. As if they were places lived in over time by many families and with many stories to tell.

Today we particularly focus on its roots, its caves where this city was erected over the years.

These tunnels to date are viable for tourists only in small part. There are many kilometers still inaccessible. Many are the vicissitudes that are narrated and hidden here below.

Some of these caves served as a deposit for the locals, a sort of modern-day cellar where food supplies were better preserved, while others represented places of worship away from prying eyes. This is testified by some engravings still visible today.

There are some peculiarities that perhaps without a guide we would not be able to grasp their meaning, such as the three holes (or two) in the part of exchange between two tunnels. Today light is an almost taken for granted factor but at the time it was not so. In all cases in which it was not possible to rely on light, not even from a candle, these holes served to orientate themselves and made it clear to the person passing through, how many ways there were to enter.

Getting your bearings in wartime where you didn’t have to be seen was definitely a tall order, and without this ruse below it would have been impossible.

Look at what they had built at the time to be able to spy on people wandering around inside, even in precarious lighting conditions from the outside. Thanks to a particular play of light, people were lurking and could see who was coming at the back, without being seen.

The caves are not the only symbol of this beautiful city, which is full of period buildings that at various times of the year open to the public for exhibitions of all kinds.

In one of them we were able to admire the masterpieces of Keith Haring. You may not know him for all his works like these

… but you will certainly remember it for them

Not far from Osimo, just a few kilometers away by car, we also recommend passing through Castelfidardo, famous for its accordions and its school, admired all over the world.

We also decided to enjoy the accordion museum that traces its history.

Art and culture are certainly not lacking here and each village has something to tell us.

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Water: at some local bar in the center

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