Gerace is a medieval village rich in art and history, located in the Aspromonte Park in Calabria, counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Gerace was born on a sandstone cliff that gives it a privileged position and with a 360 degree view of the Ionian Sea.

Passing from the highway 106 on the Ionian coast you can go up to Gerace shortly before arriving in Locri if you arrive from Reggio Calabria.

After about 7 km by car and 400 meters of altitude difference you will reach Gerace, a village all perched on its hill and how you can distinguish these places, full of climbs or stairs to reach the center of the country and enjoy all its magic atmosphere.

Its monuments and works still intact and open to the public make it a pearl even today with a great influx of tourists.

An example is its Cathedral, considered among the most important places of worship in the area, where you can still admire Norman styles left here in the last millennium due to previous dominations.Many are the churches scattered around the center that over the years have conquered the term “Sacred City”.

To finally fall in love with Gerace nothing better than admiring the welcoming Piazza del Tocco on which stand Palazzo Calceopulo, Palazzo Migliaccio and Palazzo Macrì, and then sneak through the picturesque streets of the village

and discover a wonderful peculiarity of Gerace, that is the caves dug into the rock of Borgo Maggiore once home to the artisans who worked the clay, and still used by local artists to pass on this tradition craftsmanship.

The local artists make this village a milestone of the summer stages giving life to the enchanted village during the first week of August.

Route type: many steps but always on pebbles or asphalt

Water: we recommend to stop in one of the typical places that brighten the village

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