Tour of Orta San Giulio

Orta San Giulio is a small village in the province of Novara that overlooks the lake of the same name.

In the past, this village has often been a stop for many artists who have left an incredible artistic and cultural heritage, which even today you can see in the many stores of local artisans.

Of the same fame is the island of San Giulio, where the legends and the narrations about the various dukedoms that have followed are wasted. The most famous is certainly the duchy of Mimulfo whose legend says that he was beheaded for having betrayed the Lomgobards with a Franks. His body and his tombstone were mysteriously made to disappear.

Orta is full of typical places where you can stop and taste the typicalities of the territory.

The panoramic tour of the island starts right here from the tourist center of the village and continues in a northerly direction, where it runs along the entire small promontory. You can choose different itineraries to your liking, the low one that runs along the edge of the lake, the inner one that passes through the churches and the most elegant part or you can also go to Sacro Monte in the highest part.

The path is easy and usable even for families with small children. It offers many small points where they can play and have fun.

Along the way you will also find the historic homes of the fishermen of yesteryear who stayed here.

A little further on we will cross Villa Crespi, the majestic villa-restaurant famous because it is the place chosen by chef Cannavacciuolo for one of his starred restaurants.

Keeping to the right on via Fava you can continue the tour and go down again along the lake.

If you want to stay in the higher part of the street, keep the right as soon as you turn on via Fava in order to enter via Quirico and close the circle on the other side.

We decide to finish our tour by going down again towards the center where some period villas are waiting for us.

At the return a square full of culture and historic buildings will be there waiting for us.

Route type: asphalt and cobblestones

Water: at Orta, but you will find fountains along the way

Discover outdoor,

Taste nature

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Orta San Giulio

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