Tour of Fosdinovo

Fosdinovo is a small village in the province of Massa-Carrara that enjoys a privileged view of the Gulf of Poets.

The village is particularly famous for the legends that are told behind the Castle Malaspina. What struck us most is certainly that of the ghost of the Marquise Malaspina.

The most famous ghost in the legends of Lunigiana is certainly that of the young Marquise Maria Bianca Malaspina of Fosdinovo, madly in love with a stable boy. The father decided to isolate his daughter Immprigionandola in a totally dark castle room without doors and windows, with a dog and a boar, symbols respectively of loyalty to the beloved and his rebellious soul.
A curious white spot (photo), in a castle hall, seems to represent a female figure with a dog and a wild boar. After years of hardship, the Marchioness died, but even today, on the nights of full moon, the maiden spirit wanders around the castle with a white robe and beautiful hair loose on her shoulders.

To get around Fosdinovo you need to leave the car just before entering the village, being closed to traffic to preserve its peculiarities.

The entrance can be made from several entrances, but it is advisable to enter from the main door to the north and then go down to the square, so as to have at first the large castle in front.

The village can be visited through its two main streets and inside you can still see the workshops of the trades of the past, some unfortunately closed that leave a bit of bitterness in your mouth.

We complete the tour of the village stopping in the square to sip something fresh and typical, since in summer days, there is no lack of heat even here.

On the way back we enter the castle to admire it from inside.

Type of route: asphalt

Water: Don’t you want to go to the town bar?

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