San Barnaba

Pollone offers a lot to its citizens and to those who decide to visit it for a short holiday. San Barnaba is one of those places, suitable for young and old, with particular attention to the health and future of all of us.

The itinerary starts from via Caduti for the Patria, easily reachable on foot from any point of the country. The center of the village is pedestrian and only residents can drive around freely, so we recommend that you leave your car just outside the center.

This is the entrance to the park that leads to San Barbaba, entirely pedestrian.

The path is very well maintained and recently arranged by the municipal administration.

The project is aimed especially at children, to make them discover nature through a guided tour with the names of the most common plants along the way. This is a way to bring children closer to a world that all too often lately we do not consider or that we take for granted; but knowing the difference between a heather and a chestnut is perhaps the right way to regain awareness of what we really need.

Recognizing a plant in itself leaves time, but just think about what happens when you go to San Barnaba to make this gesture: leave home, walk, stay in the green, remove stress to the mind .. you all this to pass near a plant and know how to recognize it! From here comes one of the projects of the municipal administration “Health on the Road”, sponsored at different points along the country and surroundings.

Arrived in San Barnaba after a few minutes walk you can still have fun because the area is equipped with picnic tables and sports equipment installed within a life path.

San Barnaba became famous in Biella also for the frescoes by Lorenzo Delleani, a painter from Pollone born in 1840, who over the years made it a national monument and one of the most beautiful churches in Pollone.

As you can see there is room for the creativity of every visitor and you can give yourself your moment in symbiosis with nature; who will simply find refreshment at one of the picnic tables or who will find time to try their skills as a tightrope walker.

The area is inserted in a cultural context of great importance. In fact, the project on the path and the park were created the day after the death of John Paul II, to emphasize the affection of the territory for this Pope mountaineer who wanted to come to venerate the Black Madonna in the Sanctuary of Oropa.

As evidence of the link between the Pope and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, at whose tomb the Pope wanted to go in prayer, there are numerous commemorative plaques along the Frassati Path, of which this glimpse with Saint Barnabas, is part.

Type of route: asphalt the part in the village, path in the final part up to San Barnaba

Water: in San Barnaba

Discover outdoor,

Taste nature

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